The Official Team Sheet

For Junior and Senior teams (U10 to O45's), an Official Team Sheet will need to be completed before and after each game.
The team sheet is pre-populated and specific to each individual round. Instructions for Managers is provided on the team sheet; namely to write in shirt numbers to corresponding players,crossing out players who do not play in that round, writing in a players details who is 'playing up', filling in the final scores and signing at the conclusion of the match.
1.     Failure to complete your teams information and results will result in a fine or a forfeit plus a fine.
2.     As the Home team you are responsible to fill in the majority of the form before passing it over to the visiting team
3.     As the visiting team you need to fill in the player details - shirt number, name, Player ID, coach and manager
4.     The sheet is then handed over to the referee along with envelope. At the end of the game the manager of each team needs to sight the score as marked by the referee, any infringements and then sign the form if all is correct.
5.     If there is no referee present, the Home team is responsible for the form - that is to say, they need to return the form to GHFA by Tuesday after the game in the envelope provided.

NB. Team Sheets will be emailed to all Team Managers by Friday morning before the weekend game by the Club Secretary.