Download Guidelines for Unofficial Referees (U10-O45) Here:

Before the Game

Coaches or Managers are required to print their team sheet that would have been emailed to them from the Club Secretary on Thursday evening or Friday morning before the weekend of their game and take it with them along with the Team Sheet envelope.

Notify/remind your team of your game time and ground that your game will be played.

At the Game

In general, you and your team should arrive 30 minutes prior to the scheduled kick off time.  

Both the coach and manager must ensure that they are wearing the yellow armbands. If you have someone acting as the coach or manager then they must wear the armbands (they do not need to have ID cards). GHFA will issue fines if armbands are not worn.  

Additionally the designated coach and manager must also wear their GHFA ID card.  

If you are the Home Team you must fill in the Official Team Sheet before you pass it on to the opposition’s manager to add their details and complete the following:  

  • For each player present note their shirt number, full name (as appears on player ID card) and ID number  
  • Cross out any player who is not present to play on the day  
  • If there is a player ‘playing up’ for your team it must be noted in the appropriate row.  
  • Fill in the Coach and Manager details as required.  

NOTE: GHFA issue fines for incomplete team sheets which will be passed onto the team involved.  

Bring the partially completed form, the team’s player ID cards and the players (in an orderly manner) to the opposition’s manager.  

It is advised for each team to inspect the oppositions player ID’s at this point. By doing so you may request to review it at a later time. If you do not then there is no requisite for the opposition to show you after the game has started.  

The away team’s manager fills in their section of the sheet and passes it back to yourself to hand over to Referee or to the Referee directly.  

At some point it is always good to introduce yourself to the Referee. He will advise you if he requires your assistance to run the sideline. He should also let you know if he requires the linesman to call off-sides or not (usually not).  

If there is no referee present, the managers must agree on whom will perform the task. Normally each team will nominate someone for a half each. (Please follow the link above “Guidelines to No Referee at Games”)

If you are the Away team, complete your part of the form and pass it back to the Home team manager or to the Referee.  

After the Game  

Seek out the Referee and ensure that the Official Team sheet is checked for the correct score. Have the referee note any serious incidents (if he does not wish to do so please notify us), and sign the team sheet.  

Please text the result of your GAME immediately to 0410-193393 in the following format:  

U10/1 STU 3 – HWK 2

Fines will apply if NO results have been received by 5pm on the Sunday following your game.