Ryde Saints United FC & Gladesville-Hornsby Football Association Inc
By-Laws and Guidelines for Players, Coaches and Managers

Junior Summer Soccer
Season 2019

Substitute Referee.
Registration & Costs.
Refunds and Late/New Registrations.
Disciplinary Procedures.
Cautions and Send-Offs.
Defined Suspension and Disqualifications.
Discretionary Suspension and Disqualification.
Notice of Suspension and Disqualification.
Competition Structure.
Minimum number of players to start a game.
Players Equipment.
Competition Groups & Dates.
Wet Weather.
Competition – Rules of the Game.

Frequently Asked Questions.
Summer Soccer Contacts.  



This Junior Summer Soccer Competition (the Competition) is directed by Ryde Saints United FC (RSUFC) with the approval of the Gladesville-Hornsby Football Association Inc (GHFA).


There shall be an administration cost of $3.00 (inclusive of GST) per player payable by the RSUFC to GHFA.


The Competition will be played under FIFA Laws of the Game except where modified by GHFA By-Laws and the Competition By-Laws.  If there is a conflict between the FIFA Laws of the Game, or the Competition By-Laws, the Competition By-Laws will take precedence over the GHFA By-Laws which take precedence over the FIFA Laws of the Game.


RSUFC reserves the right to:
(a) refuse the admission of a team and/or a player into the Competition
(b)to cancel the registration of a player and/or a team in the Competition subject to the Competition By-Laws.


GHFA reserves the right to:
(a) suspend or disqualify a team from the Competition or
(b) suspend or disqualify a player from the Competition subject to the Competition By-Laws and/or systems of the Chairman of the Protests and Disciplinary Committee of the GHFA (GHFA GPT).


RSUFC will ensure that a minimum of two committee members will be present while Competition games are being played.


  • Subject to the above and any decisions of the Ryde Saints United FC Committee:
    The Summer Soccer Committee Chairman has the responsibility to ensure the fair and unbiased application of the Summer Soccer Rules and make any necessary decisions to ensure the fair and effective running of the competition.
  • The Summer Soccer Chairman is the Summer Soccer Competition registrar and has the final decision in all matters relating to the competition.


Subject to paragraphs 1.4, 1.5 and section 3, the GHFA GPT shall adjudicate on all disciplinary matters



1.9 Official referees of the Competition shall be appointed by the Gladesville Hornsby Soccer Referees Association (GHSRA).
1.10 All referee’s decisions are final and cannot be changed. No protests of a referee’s decision will be accepted.

Substitute Referee


If there is no official referee at a game then:
(a) Both teams must agree on a substitute referee for the entire match OR each team MUST provide a substitute referee for half the game.
(b) The substitute referee from the first team listed on the draw will referee the first half.
(c) The substitute referee once selected may only be changed with the agreement of both teams.
(d) A substitute referee must be 18 years of age or older.
(e) If an agreed substitute referee cannot be found before the match starts and a team does not provide a substitute referee for half the game then that team will forfeit two competition points.
(f)           A substitute referee has the same status as an official referee i.e. they may issue red and yellow cards.




Each Player wanting to play in the competition must register via “Play Football” www.playfootball.com.au


Each team wanting to play in the Competition must complete the Team nomination form. Submitting a team nomination form is a request for a place in the Competition. It does not guarantee a place in the competition.
A minimum of six players & a Team Leader/Manager is required to register a team.



  • Registration Fee up to 8 players  – $800.00
  • Additional players (FFA) registered in Winter Competition – $100.00 per player 
  • Additional players non registered – $100.00 per player  

All amounts include GST.


Copies of the Ryde Saints United FC/Gladesville Hornsby Football Association By-Laws and Guidelines handbook are available at the canteen. By registering for the competition a player agrees to abide by these by-laws and guidelines.


At the discretion of the RSUFC Summer Soccer committee, teams will forfeit all matches played until the full amount of team registration fees have been paid.

Refunds and Late/New Registrations


At the discretion of the RSUFC Summer Soccer committee, a team may de-register an existing player and register a new player up to the value of the fees paid. No new players are permitted after week 8.


Team Leader/Manager must fill in each players name & Player ID No# wanting to play in the Competition.  All names & IDs must be completed on the Player/Team Registration form.  RSUFC will forward a copy of this form to GHFA.


A player may not take the field until all fees are paid and the completed registration form is accepted by the RSUFC Summer Soccer committee.


Players can register for one team only per night and cannot interchange between teams.


Should a team withdraw its registration; a full refund of any money paid will be made if the Committee receives written notification by 2nd September 2019. No refund after this date.


A team shall consist of a minimum of six players. A team will forfeit the game if they have less than four players at the start of the game – see 4.6 Match Days & Times.


No new teams or players will be registered after the 6th competition game.


After the third week of the competition, a new player registration received after the Sunday prior to the match may not play until the following week.



If in the opinion of the RSUFC Summer Soccer Committee a player(s) and/or team brings the competition into disrepute the player(s) and/or team will have their registrations cancelled. There are no refunds for cancellations.


Depending upon the type and seriousness of an offence the RSUFC Committee may determine the length of any suspension or may disqualify a player from the Competition unless the offence is one that is covered by the codes in the GHFA Guidelines for Penalties, such determination will be dealt with by the GHFA GPT

Cautions and Send-Offs


No player can enter the field of play to take the place of a player who has been issued a red card and sent from the field.

Defined Suspension and Disqualifications


A player who is issued three yellow cards during the Competition will be automatically suspended from the next competition game that the player’s team plays. Forfeits are not counted as games suspended.


A player who is issued a red card during the Competition will be automatically suspended from the next competition game that the player’s team plays. Forfeits are not counted as games suspended. The GHFA GPT reserves the right to extend any such suspension in line with the GHFA Guidelines for Penalties.


A player who plays while suspended or unregistered will be disqualified from the Competition. The player’s team will lose the game in which the suspended/unregistered player played by forfeit and lose three competition points. A second offence, at the discretion of the RSUFC committee will result in disqualification of the team.


A player who name does not appear on the team sheet receives a yellow or red card, will receive a one week suspension in addition to any other penalty.


A player who receives a third Red card or nine Yellow cards will be disqualified from the competition.

Discretionary Suspension and Disqualification


The GHFA GPT may cite a player to appear before it depending upon the type and seriousness of the offence. The P&D Committee may determine the length of additional suspension or may disqualify a player from the Competition.


A player cited by the GHFA GPT is suspended until the player appears before the Committee.


Decisions of the GHFA GPT will be notified to the RSUFC Summer Soccer Committee before a player’s next game.

Notice of Suspension and Disqualification


RSUFC Summer Soccer committee will notify the team leader/ manager of a suspended player before the team’s next game and will mark the word SUSPENDED/DISQUALIFIED next to the suspended player’s name on the team sheet.


RSUFC will display a current list of the names and registration numbers of suspended and disqualified players at each game. Team Leaders/Managers and opposition team managers will have access to the list to check team sheets.


Irrespective of a player being informed of any disciplinary action, the RSUFC convener may enforce a suspension or disqualification at any time until the kick-off of their team’s match.



Any team may appeal a decision of the GHFA GPT to the GHFA Appeals Tribunal by giving notice in writing to the General Manager, Gladesville-Hornsby Football Association Inc, PO Box 1308 Macquarie Centre, NSW 2113. Notice of protest must be lodged through the RSUFC Committee within 3 days of the decision of the GHFA GPT together with a fee of $250 ($100 of which is not refundable)  NOTE All referee’s decisions are final and cannot be changed. No protests of a referee’s decision will be accepted.



Disqualified players and/or teams will not be permitted to participate in the current RSUFC Summer Soccer competition. Disqualified teams and or players may have their future registration requests refused or subject to conditions at the discretion of the RSUFC committee. Players disqualified from the competition will be notified in writing by mail to the address shown on the registration form. A copy will be forwarded to the team manager and GHFA. The manager of any team disqualified from the competition will be notified in writing by mail to the address shown on the registration form.



All teams must have a designated Team Leader/Manager before the team is permitted to play. It is up to the team to inform the RSUFC if a new manager is chosen, or if the manager is away or if the manger changes their e-mail address etc. All communication from teams to the RSUFCC is initially to be through the team managers.
Warning -Should an unregistered player be injured they are uninsured and the Manager may be held legally accountable by the injured player.


Team Leader/Managers will be responsible for:
• The behaviour of the team and their followers.
• Collecting and distributing information from the notice board located at the canteen.

4.3          Results
The weekly results and team standings will be available on the web site by Sunday evening following the games.


Competition Points
Win        3
Draw     1
Loss       0
Forfeit – the opposition team receives 3 competition points and 3 goals


Disqualified Teams or Teams Leaving the Competition
All games involving the team will have 0 points and 0 goals recorded. This applies both to played and unplayed games.


Match Days And Times
• All games are played at Pidding Park, Ryde during week days (U7s-U17s)

  • From 5 Sept 2019 to 20 Dec 2019 (Tuesdays, Thursdays or Fridays)
  • Games commence from 5.00pm and are of two equal halves of up to 15 minutes each.
  • Games may start up to 10 minutes later than above by agreement between the two managers.
  • Games must finish on time.
  • There is a one minute half time break.
  • No time will be added on for injuries etc.

Match Formats

Under 7

  • 4 v 4;
  • no competition tables or points; and
  • no finals series
  1. For age groups U8 to U11:
  1. For age groups U12 and upwards:
  • 6v6 format
  • competition tables and points will be maintained;
  • finals series will occur

Minimum number of players to start a game


A team will forfeit the game if they have less than four players at the start of the game. Games may start up to 10 minutes later than above by agreement between the two managers, however games will finish on time


Web Site
The www.rydesaintsunitedfc.com.au  will have printable match schedules for each week and each team for the season, as well as registration forms etc. Match results and the competition table will be available there on the Sunday following the games.

Players Equipment


  • All players in a team must have the following equipment
  • At the discretion of the referee, no dangerous objects may be worn e.g jewellery, rings, studs etc.
  • Matching strips with a number clearly visible on the back.
  1. Duplicate numbers are not permitted.
  2. Tape may not be used as a number.
  3. Numbers are to be fixed to the shirt.
  • The goalkeeper must have a strip which clearly distinguishes the player from other team members and it may be un-numbered.
  • Matching shorts.
  • Approved shin guards.
  • Matching socks which fully cover the shin guards.
  • Appropriate footwear -soft or dimple soled grass sport shoes only -boots, studs, cleats (made of any material), spikes etc are NOT permitted.



Note -After week 3 a team member will not be permitted to play without ALL of the above and, at the discretion of the committee, will forfeit their match


Referees will call both teams to the centre and check all players’ equipment before the start of each game.


Strip Clash
In the event of a strip clash, the team listed on the right of the team sheet is required to either use an alternative strip or wear numbered bibs on loan from RSUFC. These are available at the canteen.


Team sheets
All players, including substitutes must have name noted on the team sheet and their number in the box provided. Penalties applied to a shirt number will apply to the person who has that number on the team sheet.

  • The team sheet is to be presented to the referee before the commencement of play by the RSUFC convenor.
  • If a player arrives after the game has commenced and takes the field they must inform the referee that they are not on the team sheet and ask the referee if they should place name now or later.  Player’s names may be noted on the team sheet after the game if necessary.
  • Failure to correctly fill in the team sheet may lead to suspension or disqualification of the player and or the team (see suspension and disqualification in this booklet).
  • Team Leader/Manager is responsible for ensuring that team sheets are correctly completed before the game commences.


There will be 8 to 10 teams per age group from U7s to U17s.
All competition games will be played week days. Competition will commence 5th September 2019.  
Semi /Finals games for U12s upwards are scheduled in December 2019.

Competition Schedule by Dates

Competition Rounds
Round 1 to Round 12: September 2019 – December 2019

Semi Final Game 1: December 2019 (Semi Final 1)
Semi Final Game 2: December 2019 (Semi Final 2)

Grand Final
Grand Final Games: December 2019



To verify if the grounds are open call the Ryde Council Wet Weather Line (9952 8244) after 3.00pm for a recorded message on ground status. Unless the message states that the grounds are closed for evening sports/training on the particular day in question assume the grounds are open. If the grounds are closed then clearly the games are cancelled. If the grounds are not closed go to the game and a decision will be made by the referee prior to kick-off.


Wet Weather –Finals
Subject to washed out games (see below) the Grand /Semi Finals will be played on either a Tuesday or a Friday and before the Christmas week commences. If it is not possible to play the semi-finals or final due to inclement weather,  a count back will be used (see Finals Selection).  Information on when washed out Semi Final and Final games will be played will be available on the RSUFC’s website.


Washed-out Games
Two weeks are allowed for washouts. The washed out games will be played on the week scheduled for Semi’s.  All matches will be played on the same weekday and at the same time as indicated originally. Semi finals and Finals will go back either one or two weeks as necessary. Should one of these games be washed out they are not rescheduled and will not be played. The games are played in the order they were washed out



Final Series
A final series will be run between the top four teams on the points table.

Division Champion -Each registered player in the grand-final will receive a trophy and the winning team a trophy which will be held by Ryde Saints United FC and displayed during the season.


 Final Game Times
If the finals are played on a Tuesday or Friday the matches start at 5.00pm. This is to allow for drawn matches (see Drawn Matches in the Grand Finals).


Finals Selection
A process for deciding on the final four teams is as follows:
At the completion of all the rounds prior to the semi-finals the results are considered in the following order:

1.            Points
2.            Goal difference
3.            Goals least conceded
4.            Goals scored
5.            Count back of the results until one team has a point lead
6.            Count back of the results until one team has a goal difference lead
7.            Count back of the results until one team has a goals scored lead

7.4          Semi Finals

1st vs 2nd – Winner goes to Grand Final / Loser will play winner of 3V4 to make Grand Final

3rd vs 4th – Winner will play loser of 1V2 to make Grand Final / Loser Competition over.


Drawn Matches in the ANY Semi-Finals.
Five minutes each way additional time is played with the first goal scored deciding the winner – golden goal. If the games are still drawn the count back procedure is used.

7.6          Drawn Matches in the Grand Finals

If there is a draw at full time in ANY of the Grand Finals, then

  • At full time ANY 4 players from each team take the field and continue to play for 5mins. NOTE:  SUBSTITUTES ARE PERMITTED
  • Change ends and two more players from each team leave the field then play 5mins – NOTE:  SUBSTITUTES ARE PERMITTED
  • First goal is the winner.
  • Players may take a drink as they change ends but drinks MUST be taken on the field
  • If there is no result after the extra time, the same count back process as itemised in Finals Selection above will apply.



  • There is no offside. All players must be in their own half for all kick-offs.

Free Kicks

  • All free kicks awarded outside the penalty area are indirect. All opposing player must remain 5 metres from the ball until it is kicked.
  • A free kick awarded inside the penalty area is a penalty kick.

Penalty Kicks

  • A penalty kick is a direct kick which is taken from the edge of the semi-circle in front of the goal posts.
  • Apart from the goalkeeper and the kicker, all defending and attacking players must remain behind the ball and 5 metres from it until the ball is kicked and it moves. Substitutes
  • A team may nominate up to four named substitutes as players for the team in any one match.
  • Only ten players per team may participate in any one game.
  • All players, including substitutes must have name noted on the team sheet. Failure to have name on the team sheet may lead to suspension or disqualification of the player and or the team.
  • There is no limit to the number of times a player may take the field.
  • All substitutions take place at the halfway line.
  • There must never be more than six players on the field for any team at any time.


  • There are no goalkeepers in U7s
  • The goalkeeper may only be changed once during any one half of a game. If the goalkeeper is injured after the second change the injured keeper must leave the field and take no further part in the half and a substitute keeper can be used. The purpose of this rule is to stop time wasting.
  • A goalkeeper can kick the ball over the halfway line on the full.

Slide Tackles

  • Same rules as the GHFA winter competition apply.


I have a Problem, who do I talk to?

If it concerns the team, the first person to talk to is the team leader/manager. If you need more assistance, contact RSUFC (see Contacts below).



RSUFC Summer Football Committee Members

John Zappala                                                                                     
Club President                                                 
Ryde Saints United FC
0438 550 400
Email: president@rydesaintsunitedfc.com.au                    

Sue Jun
Summer Soccer Coordinator
Ryde Saints United FC
Email: summerfootball@rydesaintsunitedfc.com.au

Tammy Scharenguivel
Ryde Saints United FC
0414 711 610
Email: registrar@rydesaintsunitedfc.com.au